My brother Felix Schmid

My brother is director of the Masters Programme in Railway Engineering (MSc in Railway Systems Engineering and Integration)  at the University of Birmingham
based at the The Railway Research Centre of the University.

The two of us share an interest in railways. Whilst we both love old fashioned museum railways, the professional interest lies more in the operation of modern mass transport.

How to find me physically:

My address as displayed by
(⇒ large map — Public transport timetable will pop up when moving the mouse over a tram or bus stop signature):

Yes I moved - since 2007 my address is the same as it was until 1980:

Streulistrasse 85
CH-8032 Zürich

(Town quarter: Hirslanden)

Telephone  (same number since 1989, only the prefix changed 01 → 044)
  • within Switzerland:
    044 321 35 27
  • with international prefix for Switzerland:
    +41 44 321 35 27

Skype address: Skype logoteeschmid

My mother's phone in the same house: (if you are really desperate in getting hold of me......)

E. Schmid's phone:
044 381 61 34

How to find me on the net:

My offical private mail address is "", i.e. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
I have an address at IEEE (the Institute of Electric and Electronic Engineers)
as well This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Your e-mail to my above addresses is bouncing?
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Information about my career

I am an electrical engineer, graduated from ETH in Zürich in 1978.

The first five years after graduation I worked at the then BBC, Brown Boveri & Cie, on superconducting wires and cables and on magnets (consisting of tonnes of copper and good insulation – or of hundreds of kilograms of superconducting cables and a good electrical insulation to endure high forces and temperature cycles plus a insulation to keep the coils close to absolute zero temperature. ).

Since 1984 I work on computers; programming, system management, integration, testing - you name it, I did it.

(1) -> Dictionary
MRI = Magnetic Resonance Imaging, see
Wikipedia entry on MRI

In 2006 I started working as a field service engineer for Fonar Corp. of Melville, N.Y., U.S.A., Producer of the UPRIGHT™ MRI machine.
I maintained MRI(1) scanners, i.e. I did any jobs from checking the water in the chiller to updating SW on the computer for customers in Switzerland, Germany, the Netherlands, the UK and Spain.


Yes, I use an iMac at home

Yes, I use Mac Computers to write these pages:
I started with a Quadra 700, went to a G4 in 2004 and use an iMac since 2011

  • my c.v. my curriculum vitae (in pdf-format);
  • an EDP profile - what computer HW and SW I have worked on (in pdf-format)
    and remembered to include on the list.